2 Rowing Machine Workouts that will benefit you

2 Rowing Machine Workouts that will benefit you


If you think your rowing machine workout isn’t  helping you out you probably are not doing the right workout. To help you get the most out of your workouts below I have given 2 rowing machine workouts that I am sure you will benefit from.

2K Crusher

If you have just started out it maybe hard for you to row for 2 kilometers in one go. You not only need a lot of stamina but also loads of will power. According to the 2K crusher you need not row the whole 2 kilometers at once. In fact what you can do is row four 500 meter rows. This way you won’t get tired quickly and will able to row with 2 kilometers with relative ease.

Olympic Challenge

If you are able to complete this workout you won’t have any trouble completing the above workout. The reason behind that is the Olympic Challenge is mainly designed for professional rowers and thus you should only attempt this kind of workout once you are used to rowing. Beginners should consider the above workout.

bodygearguide gives you reviews and prices of the best rowing machines available.

The video below will give you an idea about interval training with your rowing machine.


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